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20-Minute Tips for Your Manager Toolkit

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Why Should You and How Can You Help Your Employee Find One

Employee Motivation

Tap into employee motivators to improve engagement and performance

Help Keep Your Team Accountable with the RACI Tool

When your team has a lot to accomplish, keeping track of who is doing what is critical!

Effective Onboarding

How can you be even more effective at welcoming and integrating new team members on days 2 through 30?

Tactical Tips for Difficult Conversations

Preparation is key to tackling challenging topics. Prepare effective talking points with the LTC RISE difficult conversations tool.

How to Give Feedback So They Will Take Action

Provide feedback - both positive and constructive - that your team can use to be even more productive.

Set Your Team Up for Success with SMART Goals

Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-Bound. Are the goals you're holding yourself and your team to SMART?


Series addressing common management issues, providing actionable tips and tools